James James James!!!

I don’t think JT got out of bed the right side this morning.

He’s crashed THREE times today and has qualified in 16th place.

It looks like he will have a mountain to climb.

Well impressed with Ben Spies though, first ever GP ride and 8th on the grid. Who says the yanks don’t do rain?:wink:

It’s a pitty and he must be annoyed with himself, still has some good company, my boy Lorrenzo is back there with him and the ever amusing Elias.

Full respect to Spies though, great work maybe a future prospect, look out the crashers (De Puniet)!

It’s bad, but you need to understand that the conditions were the worst I’ve ever seen here. The tarmac is like ice. It’s insane, and not to mention there’s an impossible amount of pressure on JT’s shoulders. The press have put too much on him and it’s probably not helped him at all.

Bikes have been flying off the track all day now. The trouble is, it’s not going to rain tomorrow apparently so James effectively has no chance tomorrow. I feel sorry for him, but I think we expected it at some level.

We didn’t interview him because there was a media frenzy here and we didn’t want to be associated with something that could damage him rather than help him.

I agree with Jay about the pressure of expectation.

I just would like to see a good race whatever, personaly I support Lorrenzo and have followed him through from 125s. Being British I have my fingers crossed and want JT to do well also, he already is doing very well, better than recent British riders and other riders crossing over from WSB.

As Rossi said the asphalt at Donny needs replacing and this should be done sooner rather than later if they want to keep the GP there (as it should be). This makes conditions very tricky for all riders, how hard was Stoners Traction control working today, did you see his wheel spin up, I think he would’ve been off if he were on Wests’ Kwak.

JT said he can handle pressure having won both of his WSB titles on the last race but this is a little different whether he admits it or not.

Cheer him on as loud as you can however well he does, he will be on the podium soon enough and maybe in a few years really be in the running.

I think JT has done enough in his career to know how to handle pressure :cool:

Fingers crossed for the result. Loadsa people have come from stone last on the grid before and had a respectable result :wink:

In MotoGP? Like who?:wink:

As Julian Ryder put it today “Maybe James should forget the piano playing and concentrate on his race”:Whistling:

he played the piano in between the wsb races at brands last year when he WON both races.

sounds very Rossiesque…

I know I was there, he never played it, he murdered it:D