J&S Air Mesh Trousers


On their second Summer season now and a proper bargain to boot at just £49.00 a pair. Proper cool summer wear.

J&S Airmesh Textile Motorcycle Jeans feature mesh panels, CE approved armour in knees and hips, adjustable waist, elasticated stretch panel, connection zip, reflective piping.

Note, obviously these are not waterproof so you may want to consider packing a waterproof over trouser, I keep a pair in the rear pocket of my jacket.




When you get 9 years out of a pair of a £80 pair of textile/leather trousers with multiple holes / air vents, bust zips, slide scars etc. Proper vfm :slight_smile:


I lost weight and the old kevlar jeans had to go on eBay along with all the other motorcycle kit I’d shrunk out of.

Got these to replace 'em, well pleased.


Now looking at the J&S Airmesh Textile Motorcycle Jacket to replace the 8 year old battle scared Targa

and the J&S mesh gloves might become an impulse purchase


What about the mesh holdups?


Yeahbut how much once you add in all the money you paid to Wasp during that time to keep them roadworthy?


Are the airmesh trousers cooler than Kevlar jeans? I have a tendency to be too hot in anything over 15 degrees, especially if the traffic is moving slow.


Are the airmesh trousers cooler than Kevlar jeans? I have a tendency to be too hot in anything over 15 degrees, especially if the traffic is moving slow.
I'd be interested to know as well... my Hood Kevlar Jeans with full lining are pretty warm. The most frustrating thing though isn't the heat, it's the material inside the trouser. I've found that no matter how 'cool' trousers are, at some point my skin will stick to that god awful polyester...

I prefer wearing baselayers even in summer to prevent that…


For town commuting, I think they would be great.


Hmm, not exactly well stocked - a grand total of 10 pairs of various sizes in the country and online there doesn’t seem to be an option to pick a size.


Are the airmesh trousers cooler than Kevlar jeans?

I don't know about those ones in particular - it looks like they've just one mesh panel, and who knows what the rest's like - but *generally* mesh trousers are *hugely* cooler (both in tems of temperature and street cred ;) )

I’ve had some pretty awful mesh trousers before, though, where the bits that aren’t mesh are some unbreathable plastic. Those were worse even than budget waterproofs.


Well, I need all the street cred I can get so that’s a plus.

Looks like Getgeared have a few different types in stock and it’s open late tonight so maybe I’ll swing by and see what they’re like.


If I lived nearby Id have her recondition them again. They are well fcked now, but it will be sad to throw them out. Emotionally attached to them!


They are much cooler than kevlar jeans. At <10°C I wear them with a base layer, if it rains I wear a pair of lightweight waterproof trousers over them.

At first I considered getting either the Buffalo Coolflow or Rev It Tornado offered by Getgeared. I didn’t look at them in real life as I was put off by the ‘thermal waterproof’ liners which I felt would be too warm. Also what’s the point of mesh trousers with waterproof liners where you have to take the trouser off to remove or replace the liner! How does that work when you’re out and about on the road?


Can you imagines stopping I in the rain to put the inner liners in?

+1 for some classy high condition waterproof trousrrs n jacket to throw on once it rains.


The benefit of the liners for me would be that the temperature when I leave the house at 6-7am it can be pretty cold but when I set off home at 5-6pm it’s pretty warm - almost all of my riding is commuting (under an hour each way) so I very rarely would stop to put on waterproofs halfway, I either wear waterproof trousers to begin with or if it’s warm enough I just accept that I’m going to be a bit wet and push on through.


If you’re putting a waterproof liner in something then you’ve fucked that up - waterproofs go on the outside, that’s how you keep the water out.

I’ve got a pair of the Rev’It Tonadoes but I binned the liners.


It was the thermal rather than the waterproofing that would be of use to me


Anyone ever considered using NeverWet or similar on these things?


Not sure how well it would "stick" to stuff that has some sort of rain / shower / water resistant in the first place.... but at £10-15 a bottle, can't be a bad thing to try...?