J Ks K5 with the Stealth

The Stealths the faster of the 2


02.10.05 011.jpg

02.10.05 004.jpg

02.10.05 015.jpg

Very good Pete! I like the stickers on the blue/white one I got some close-up snaps of your stealth bike today at the Ace, will post up soon.


I’ll bet that was wicked fun when the ignitions came on and the bikes were put in gear!

I am seriously loving the black K5… Was saying to Jay at the Ace earlier that I would look so good on one!!! In my dreams… Maybe one day…

the stealth is only quicker till ive run mine in pete !!!

Nice bikes guys…mine’s all run in now, when out for a bash on sunday with some guys from the mcnninjas site, bike went really well.

just need to sort out that bloody can.

black one looks so much better

now get goin on so wheelie pic’s.

p.s. whats all this running in crap??? just thrash em out the box

The realy fast ones are run in properly.