I've had a vision (world cup)

I had a dream that went from this

to this

and dreams can come true

Dont tell Cezar


Best Flippin Post Ive seen on here … RA RA “RB” FOR MAYOR !!! “RB” FOR MAYOR !!! RA RA RA

one word!



I was waiting for you to surface in this post……morning Cez !

i think the english effort will be more like this; win big then loose stupid like normal

I will be serious only once about it! I think England has a chance! You guys don’t the pressure of being champions or have the best futebol around or even the a real treat so, it well used can work in your advantge. I belive that you guys have enough confidence to start well and if the moral are kept? We can see a nice final or quarters!

Being honest from the two that make to the final, any can win! The pressure and the nerves get into everyone! 90 min. pass so quickly… If you make to the final ? You can do it! If Brazil is (hahahha) dropped out of the cup? (lol, sorry I can’t say it without laugh) I will support England! Honestly!

This is my heart order support!

1st - Against Argentina!
2nd - Brazil
3rd - England

I must be living here too long as my friends in Brazil are taken a piss out of me and saying that they will smash my Queen’s team??? lol

I want a Brazil Shirt for the Argy game !!!

Barro being even more honest now! Back in Brazil if you own a business, like my family. You want Brazil out of the cup o the first round! The country stops and nothing goes forward while we are on the game. After win? another week of lazy, tired, hagover etc. workers.

I don’t know how it is here ( how could I? lol) but probably the same. As here I’m employee? I’m getting seek from now on… lol

LOL, yes you will have such a laugh, I invested £25 in a lovely Barcelona shirt for the midweek game against that vile french team and had hundreds of pounds worth of fun in it . . . .

forget the football…whats the number of that girl in your avitar…

if i had a free hand I’d PM it to you