I've got wood

I was just wondering if anyone would be interested in some free timber? I’ve got about 60 planks of timber around 5ft each (some varie), 4x2", untreated, left overs from where I built an internal wall. Was planning on using them for other projects but never got around to it.

This wood could be suitable for a small building project or perhaps even a bonfire?

There’s a fair bit of it and it’s all in dry perfect condition. If anyone is interested in it please PM me, it’s in the North West of London and you would need a van to pick it up.

I’m very interested in taking some of your wood. will be in touch

eww you want to touch his wood :P:w00t::smiley:

I may be interested in a few bits of that timber, cheers.

But I’m not interested in your wood… like Mian! :w00t:

Cool. If you’re interested give me a PM. I am in most evenings after 6pm and I should be about this weekend.

I’m only a few mins from the Ace Cafe.

that’s really nice of you. i’m not after timber, but i will say this:

how about making those guys compete for your wood and make them tell you how much they want your wood :slight_smile: throw in a woodpecker if they’re really good