I've been retarded

Picked up today, how exciting :smiley:


lovely :slight_smile:

Nice clean 520, that’s where I started with SM, sold GSX-R few months later :smiley:

enjoy mate, tis the bike for you:cool:

Looks like a mud magnet.:)Enjoy.

Personally I prefer a babe magnet. http://www.magnet.co.uk/magnet-kitchen-collections/

Lovely :cool:

Reminds me of my dear departed 2000 model 520 - same airbox drilling and similarish rad scoop graphics …

BTW I strongly recommend getting a 45T rear sprocket on it - will make it much more usable (unless you intend to do a lot of motorway work :wink: )

Yummy, welcome home!:cool:

You will instantly become sexually irresistible so get ready for offers of dirty sex!:D…What you doning Wednesday big boy!:kiss:

I can overlook the shiny frame, and forgive the wavey disk, maybe let you slide on the orange gear lever and fuel overflow, but an orange chain…

You’re taking this orange thing far too seriously D. A chat with an OCD practitioner is in order I think…

Seriously, looks fun! Does it have electric start?

why do supermotos always look although they have a loose chain?

suspension travel. if it was as tight as it is on a road bike, when you hit the rough stuff the chain would be like a bow string

that makes sense, thanks

tidy! i look forward to putting new mains in it :w00t: just kidding dude nice

“winter hack” you were looking for:)

Rite about suspension travel but not bang on with your answer. The chain will tighten up alot when the rider sits on the bike hence you should check your chain tension with your weight on it. Ive seen people make the mistake of not doing that and their chain snaping when they set of down the road cause its way too tight

Good to see you’ve finaly got a proper moto Dries. Is that Jims old bike?

My first ever ride was on a yamaha 125 dirt bike then a 426cc yamaha about 1/2 hour later. :w00t:

All I can say is that you FLY with that kind of cc on a dirt bike especially as I was still learning gears at the time. I did pull a 50 yard power wheelie that left a big poop in my pants :stuck_out_tongue:

Well spotted that man. :slight_smile:

I’d just like to add that it didn’t have an orange chain on it when I sold it.

Thanks everybody. Yes, I’m looking forward to properly riding it and do the odd trackday :smiley:

I did 30 minutes of the A13, so I think that’s my dual carriage way quota gone for the year.
I’ll have a count tomorrow, Rob said he changed the sprocket, but I can’t remember how big he went.

Once it’ll have a working battery, it will :wink:

I suspect that will happen at some point :rolleyes: hopefully not too soon :wink:

It got a bit out of hand :doze: but I can highly recommend the “winter hack” explenation for wife/gf it’s going to save me money because it’s cheaper to run than the big bike :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes and yes :slight_smile:

But it did have more chrome than most Harleys :hehe:
Just admit it, you’d rather ride a cruiser, but you’re worried everybody is going to call you gay all the time. :hehe:

Just kidding, it’s a tidy bike, dude!!

Cheap to run? Is this not one of them where you have to change the oil every 15 minutes then? :smiley:

Bet it’s great fun though :cool:

D, if it’s the same as the 'berg (and I’m sure it is), I’ve got a load of sprockets, two of each size. You’re welcome to borrow a few to play around with the gearing.

They already do, regardles of what bike I ride. :kiss: