Itsss a Doooodle Baaaaag!!!

How funny was last night at the hut…:laugh:Being dive bombed by June Bugs and watching our resident German shout ‘Nine…!!!..Shnell…Shnell…’’!!!..Its a vaking Dooodle Bag…!!!:laugh:

i have never…ever…laughed so hard in all my life…Achim…(rsciw)…has got to be the best sport…;).

Played abit of footy on the heath and watching Rob kick with bike boots on was out of this world…sooo funny

thanks for all that turned up last night…this is what meets are all about;)


Nice one :slight_smile:

Take it you had to be there to get it?? Sounds funny thoug

Was an awesome evening :smiley:

oh, and bluestar was faster than you :stuck_out_tongue:

Good shout shane bringing blackheath back into play on a wednesday reminds me of passing my test an the reason the whole biking scene grabbed me by the throat an turned me inside out only fecking done my test to get a bike an commute . Me an the better half had a great time lastnight was good to take the mind off sat too excited catch you all on the flipside :slight_smile:

great to see you both last night and greeeeen with envy about your holiday!!!..cant wait for the snaps…!!!

and thanks for making me a member of the CNUT club!!!:w00t:…us bunch of CNUTS have to stick togeather girl!!!:laugh:

see ya when you get back!!!