It's the simple pleasures really...

Like watching a cyclist fall over in very slow motion from standstill because his so high tech shoes would not unclip from his so high tech pedal on his ultra thin bike…

If you were in the Ryka’s car park this lunchtime and saw it happen, you know what I mean! (I was passing on the road in the car)

Haven’t laughed like that in a long time :smiley:

P.S. I have nothing against cyclists, the whole event was simply hilarious so if you want to troll, find a different thread! :slight_smile:

Reminds me of the time I saw 2 cyclists get tangled up together. There was something strange about seeing that. Also chuckle inducing. :slight_smile:


Reminds me of the time I saw squiddly trainer wearing biker get his laces tangled in his footpeg and go over at the lights at the crossing opposite Paliment :smiley:

Or the cyclist that tried to make a quick getaway at the lights on battersea rise, chain came off, he went over the bars, his bike went over him almost closely followed by me, swerved around him, stopped to make sure he was ok, took off and pissed myself laughing for the next 10 minutes. :smiley:

Some guy on a bike was looking at a hot girl and he hit the bonnet of a parked car, came off and landed on the bonnet :smiley:

i hope he paid to have the scratches/dents repaired :angry:

PJ has a set of those shoes and pedals on his MB, makes me laugh when he uses them when we got off roading, as there are plenty of times when I look around for him, only to find he’s no where to be seen, then he stands up, dusts himself off and says “fooking pedals, I’m going to take those coonting things off when we get back” yet they’re still on there!

Genius design!!

I have them, they’re only bad if you don’t adjust the release point on them

LoL yeah I’ve a pair too and dread that happening. So much so in fact I haven’t been on the 'ped for 2 years.

Funny as feck though to watch.

I had those on my road bike… I remember once unlclipping my left foot, then slowly falling to the right :blush:
Only my mates there to take the piss… lol :Whistling::laugh:

It’s the clack clack noise they make when they are attempting to walk that cracks me up. Or maybe it’s just the hemorrhoids from that hard seat that makes them walk that way.

Forget the unclipping of shoes business…

This is the funny Sh!t right here. How stupid can you get. I’ve also seen this happen at the Oxford circus / regent street junction. Except it was a scooter rider, who was eyeing me up revving.

The HD quality is worth the buffering.

That last is a real candidate for a Darwin award!

I remember the guy in Evans telling me that i will at least fall once after getting some clip in pedals for the first time.

I did not believe him…until i fell at a traffic light right next to a bus full of teenagers on a school trip. :w00t:

:pinch: :laugh:

What a bloody idiot! You can clearly see the bus closing the gap, yet the cyclist still went for it!