It's never happened to me before

i heard something go bang on the ground off a rubbish truck infront of me and then i was fighting to keep it upright with more clangs going through the wheels.
long and short of it is i’ve ended up with a 3 inch bloody nail in the back wheel.
Managed to ride it home, didn’t get a pressure warning until I bumped it over the pavement, I’m pretty sure its fully flat now.
Been trying to get it into BMW anyway, it’s an unhappy bunny but no idea how long it will take them to get it…I have no centre stand…how bad is it going to be sitting on its rims untill I can pay BMW enought to come get it ?

Temporary plug should hold and head down to two tyres for eithe a permanent patch or replacement


Just plug it.while it’s on its side stand

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As above

Plug it yourself with something like the temporary puncture kit here. You’ll need some means to inflate the tyre (compressor or Bicycle pump with the correct adaptor). You really should get yourself sorted and familiarised with this type of kit or get yourself some motorcycle breakdown cover.

Once the temporary repaired and inflated get on down to somewhere like Two Tyres here for a permanent vulcanised plug

BMW Dealer, or any main dealer, for a puncture repair is just insanity.


If you can’t get it plugged, a can of tyreweld (Halfords or Ebay) should be good to get you to tyre shop. Warn them before they change the tyre as it sprays when taking the tyre off.

+1 for recovery (Or having a repair kit or weld can on your person when riding if not.)

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Alternatively, I have always used for tyre repairs which is a mobile service.

Last time I instead had to buy a tyre from them as the puncture was too far from the centre to be repairable. I think he said he gets the tyres from FWR, so effectively it is only the call out that cost extra. And that was unavoidable.

It has only taken a few days at most for them to make an appoinment, but I have always said it is not urgent as it never has been.

Temp plug fill it with air
Ride to FWR and have a permanent plug

thanks all :slight_smile: I have no idea what a temporary plug is honestly it sounds rude. also no idea if it is tubeless or what… I get on, it goes forwards, That is the extent of my knowledge. but I have spoken to London mpr and he is going to sort it out for me.

You need to learn this stuff

Its tubeless, it says so on the sidewall.

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Where about are you based? If near me I’ll plug it for you.

Back in the day garages wold never repair tyres with tyreweld in them. Not sure abut now.

If punctures are too close to the edge of the tyre garages wont repair them.

Many DIY repair kits have gas canisters in them.
with gas canisters