It's coming home............

a busa is coming home…;):slight_smile:

It`s destiny:)

Will it be stopping long enough for us to see it?:stuck_out_tongue:

you flogged the 'bird then Mo ?

not yet:)

which one ya gonna get? will we see it in time for wales?:smiley:

Pictures Mo, we need pictures !!

Won’t be long till you get a trike at this rate

Fluck off you:w00t::slight_smile:

Should be Matt:):cool:

I am looking at 3 at the mo as soon as I decide I will put some pics up:)

Im not that keen on the colours of the one you stuck on FB…


That won’t matter Lewis, all you’ll see is the numberplate vanishing into the distance:D

Not been able to get that one at the right price anyway.
I am now looking at a Black one.

I know where there is a nice black one. :slight_smile:

Talk to me Mark;)

black bikes are always faster

some even crash better!!!:w00t::P:hehe:

She has come home:)

Very nice MO

You going to keep this one this time :stuck_out_tongue:

Look forward to seeing her on Sunday:)