its cold this evening

did my evening ride out tonight, zx10, R1 Bandit and GT750…and my hands are freezing…summer gloves bad idea…feels like winter again…brrrr

Isnt it a fecking joke!, my lord im wearing me thermals tommorrow…:smiley: atleast i`ll have a sheep to keep me warm at night… either that or Ginger…:stuck_out_tongue:

So you took all those out for a spin, and you’re moaning ?

Some people don’t know they’re born !! :rolleyes::stuck_out_tongue:

Hope you fed the cow’s first!:D;)

Some of us still delivering then gotta ride home lata !

where did you go?

just rode back from Chelmsford to Maidstone zig zagging the A.12…yep in my dragging Jeans, lightweight jacket and summer gloves.

bit chilly but still loved every minute of it…

no wasp cows dont arrive until first week of mauy…still sorting fencing and crush and other bits…so much to do on that front…farmers weekly now on subscription…ooer.

Yes I know, I would never moan about the bikes just the fact that its so cold I cant ride the buggers,…well not without winter woolies on…

It is nippy out. Summer trousers, summer gloves. Putting my winter gloves/trousers on for tomorrow, raining too apparently!

s’matter with you lot, it aint cold!:smiley: i’ve been wearing summer gloves all year!!!:w00t::w00t::wink:

So have i…with nice warm liners stitched in:D

Some people don’t have heated grips and go over 30mph you know…:wink:

well next week 16 degrees:D

16 degrees, now thats what we need to hear…and no rain please…

Not sure about the evening certainly the mornings have been a little on the chilly side. Since the snow every morning had some frost. This time last year people were sunning themselves on brighton beach.

Bloody weather.

i was on north circ last night riding home about 11.30, it was flipin arctic!

Damn right - went out for a blast after work and when I got home had to wash my hands in cold water to avoid chill blanes!!!Still worth it though…:smiley:

Has anybody ever had those? Chill blanes that is??? Like actually had it confirmed by a medical professional??? Do they even exist??? or is it just the tingling sensation that I still have today and sometimes after a winter ride to Cardiff for footy have for about 3 days???

thats called getting old mate :wink:

Yip. Knew it by a different name. Got home one very cold night, started the shower, kept putting my left foot in to feel if the water was hot enough. Suspected a probelm when I could see steam but couldn’t feel the water, and had burnt my skin. That was over 30 years ago, since then when it gets cold my left foot goes numb and cold to the touch.
Doc sort of told me what was wrong, all I remember was there isn’t anything I can do about it. Something to do with your nerves freezing and the hot water damages them.

All I know is I can have a dead foot feeling for days on end. When on the bike when its really cold I have had problems changing gear.


WOW!!! So all our parents and so on warning us about these were very right to do so… That sounds pretty awful mate! :crazy:
I always run the extremities under cold water first until I can feel them again and get the blood running through before even glancing at the hot tap…