Its almost that time of year, who's going??

With that time of year fast approaching again i was wondering how many people off of here are going. Im catching the ferry at 2am on the morning of the 10th from Heysham :smiley: returning on the 14th anyone else on that boat?.

I am going, but not on that boat :smiley:

Nice, but it cant just be the two of us must be more off her heading over. What dates are you there from? Gutted i arrive the morning after WhiteSnake play :crying: would have been cracking to see them live.

I’m actually flying out as we had a nightmare trying to book 2 places together on the ferry, could get one but not another on the same crossing etc. I’m going Tues to Fri 9-13th, Marks taking the bike over from 8-13th… I’m sure Grim and Debz will be along to say when they are going-I have such a crap memory lol.

spooky, just been on the phone to the lads I’m going over with about the house we are renting over there and this popped up!

I’m going over from the 5th until the 12th. Were on the 1pm ferry from liverpool on the 5th and on the 6pm ferry back to liverpool on the 12th.

47 days to go… :slight_smile: whoooooooooooooo :smiley:

Well we go on 30th May and back on 13th June :cool::smiley: So nope not on your boat :wink:

haha lucky you not i hope in hell i could get the time off, im just happy im gona be there fot it :smiley: