its about time i get round to signing up i suppose ay :D

Ive been scanning the forum for awhile now, and it seems a good place :slight_smile:

The names stevo, im a regurlar on multiple bike/scooters forums and have been for afew years.
I recognize afew names on here, smf_12 and johnp from t&g forum being afew.

Anyway currently ride a 57plate Aprilia RS125 for everyday use :blink:, but do have others to my name.

look forward to hearing from you all

cheers stevo

Evening :smiley:

Morning :slight_smile:

Hello stranger and welcome aboard.
I havent been on T&G for a long while as its got crap with laods of chav`s claiming they can do 100 mph on there 50cc ped.

Hello and welcome to LB:D


Welcome to LB :wink:

Hello to you