It's a lovely day again

I’ve just slapped another 100 miles on the twisty essex roads:P what are you lot up to today?

Sat in the bloody office :frowning:

Waiting till the bell goes then off up to the Ace to meet up with Tel’s ride out crew - one concellation is that I am leaving early :wink:

i’ve got it opposite i’ve got till 1pmk to play then i have to go into work till 6 for a stupid exhibition. some how i always manage to take days off when i’m needed at work;)


at work :doze: then may be out much later tonight out depends what offers I get :wink:

same here :frowning:

not getting out early though :frowning:

It’s now pi55ing down in Coventry :angry:

in the office for another half an hour then off to Lunch with clients and my 2 bosses…

can’t get sloshed though parentals this weekend so although i won’t get much riding done i WILL at least get along to Brand’s with my son albeit in the car…

Lovely day, got a decent ride into work this morning and will be off early as I got in early. I’ll be riding out to see a couple of friends and then going home for a cold beer in the late afternoon. :smiley: