It's a funny old game......

Had my ZZR1100 up for sale for a while. A guy called me last week and made an offer based on photos, so I thought ‘that’s that’ more so because the offer was so high…

He arrived this morning, cash in hand. Decent guy and long time ZZR man - he had a quick ride on it - paid in full - and was gone.

Now, I should be over the moon !! SO …why am I gutted and wishing I hadn’t sold it?

Pointless exercise as I’ll probably buy another anyway:unsure:

Like sending a child away on its first day at school, you know it will be good for it, but you are still sad anyways…:slight_smile:

Iknow exactly how you feel mate! i felt the same way when i sold my vfr 400!!:cool:

I hardly liken a strange man you just met riding into the distance with your beloved never to return - like a childs first day at school! For several reasons :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t go there!

As for the bike, we’ve all been there, you just have to get used to it. It’s one of the reasons I tend to hang on to things long after I should have given them the elbow.

On that subject, what’s the ebay heading for a wife, one careless owner?