Ok…it gives me the greatest of pleasure’s to introduce the newest member of the smiled clan…

may i present to you…

my new GSX-R 750 K6…

my cat deejay…say’s hi too…lol…




Cant wait to see it mate…


Welcome to the K-Club Shane! Congratulations, that’s one awesome bit of kit you’ve got there! I hope you’re going to look after it, i.e. max security, crash bungs, LB trackdays, etc

lovely bike! took its time though!


Congratulations. You bust be a very happy bunny indeed.

Ahh a new baby girl and a right saucy lil minx at that.

wow! Congrats Shane - she looks beautiful!

Well done she looks beautiful… So come on spill the beans whats her name??? Looking forward to seeing you both at Waterloo soon.

Oh hello deejay back from my animals, Lucky, Brush, Dust, Leaf, Dave, Amy and the fish. Oh and the spider that lives in the corner of the bathroom…

thankyou soooo much guys…i cant sit still for more than 2 mins…lol…

the waiting has been sooo unbearable at times,but it all feels so worth it now…

as far as security…i have wiggs sorting me right out with some gucci bits of kit ,so cant wait for that…

also…i saw some bungs in k6 design somwere on the net…cant for the life of me remember were tho…so will be looking to slap them right on…

the mechanic was really helpfull too…sorted out my gear change light so its set for 7500 rpm for the running in period…and gave me some top notch advise on all the new features…(more than i realised)…!!!

so have been riding around to get the feel of the bike,and have taken on board all the advise people have been giving me over the past couple of weeks…thankyou soo much everyone!!!

so once again ide like to say thankyou all for being so patient with me,i know its all ive talked about latley…and now i can just shut the fu*k up and start enjoying myself…lololol

be at the ace for about eleven tonight,god…why do i have to work today!!!

jay,can i get a new set of stickers atall? thanks.

right im off…see ya’ll laters!!!


Yay, good choice of colour as well, like the fact you’ve got some family tree going there

Need to arrange a day for the alarm dude, pop round mine one day next week and we’ll trick it up

Great choice, superb piece of kit, well done, you`ll be smiling for a long time on that.

Nice bike geezer!! very nice.

Nice K6 Mate cant wait till when im old emough for a proper bike

looks the business!!!

looks stunning - simply stunning - good one mate.

Shane, sweeet!!!

I tell you, this is why I like bikers…who ever said, hey guys, I’m so happy, I jst got my brand new Ford Fiesta and I’m completely stoked, and then 20 of his mates, went top stuff man, I know how you feel, well done, nice car eh.

They sit in traffic jams cos they don’t understand.

Use the 4-stroke dude, bring her to Cubana next Wednesday and show her off for us!

mmmmmmm, shiney!!!

Oh, I didn’t know you were getting a new bike, Shane!

As bikes go, it’s not bad-looking…

Ride safe on it now, mate!