It arrived

Just thought I would show you a couple of pics of my new arrival, came or fresh and gleaming!

Just need to run her in before the 29th April!




Very nice too. 4 into 2 exhaust? Is that standard?

very nice! 08 plate as well…think the 4 into 2 setup is standard for the thou…

Wooop woooo, very sexy indeed, have fun on that :smiley:


Very Sexy!!!

i’m guessing your closer to slough then swindon aswell - so do you want your first service here aswell???

Good to see mark doing some work!!

Enjoy - they are nice!

nice bike mate. very nice!

They obviously sold out of the faster Blue n White ones;)

Very nice, enjoy it and stay safe:)

you lucky winker;)

VERY nice.

But have to disagrre with the blue and white comment…


Says the bloke with the snot coloured avatar:P

N I C E!!!

I would !

Welcome to the club :slight_smile:

Arrow cans, she’s gonna scream come the 29th.

I like very much in black :smiley:

That’s a gorgeous machine, mate…ENJOY!

Wow, she looks gorgeous in black and those Arrow cans add to that aggressive look.

The 600 miles of going steady will be over in no time!:slight_smile:

God, that’s got the heart going. Mine arrives Thursday. Can’t wait.