Isn't Wireless a wonderful invention

Went wireless last year when I bought my mac book, but just got around to buying an Airport Express from the apple store last week and set it up today.
I am now playing iTunes through my stereo!

The music is stored on a 1TB hard drive attatched to a usb hub which is attached to my router the iTunes is listed on my Mac Book but I can control the whole thing from my iPhone.

Still trying to get my head around quite how that works but hey it does.


Good, innit!

And if you get one of these, you can up the ante and play different music in different rooms simultaneously.

I’m saving up! :smiley:

It’s worth spending a bit of money on a decent cable to go between the AirPort Express and your stereo, by the way. I upgraded mine from a cheapo £5 jobbie to one costing about £40, and it made a big difference.

my cable was about £40 as well although the acoustics in my kitchen are crap so its not really worth it. My main stereo is in the living room and the Express does not work in there for some strange reason, probably a wireless black hole.

Welcome to the 21st century :slight_smile:

Sounds clever, i`ll come over for a cup of tea and you can show me then.

Wireless is great for music and small files but, as I found out, isn’t any good atall for large file transfers.

I worship at the alter of the Netgear XE104. It uses ‘geeky magic’ to turn your electrical system into a data cable and gives you full high speed Internet access wherever you plug it in. No signal fall off and no snooping neighbours trying to hack your wireless network!

The other problem with WiFi is if you in to very quick online games (i.e. CSS), then latency is everything and that can get fooked pretty quick if you’re wireless.

For this reason I am also using the ethernet of powerline technology. But as you said, the extra is that you cannot get hacked, as its wired.