Islington N7 / Holloway - Black YBR125

Hi pals, 

My own damn fault, but my hire bike has been stolen from the parking bay outside of my flat. Searched the house thoroughly for the keys, but I’m fairly certain I must have left it in the ignition and I didn’t have a lock on it (delivered by the insurance company sooner than expected and didn’t have a lock ready). 

It’s a banged up, black YBR125, licence plate LM13 FEO. Last seen at 22:30 last night in N7 6EZ. 

I don’t expect that it’ll get recovered but hopefully this is helpful as a warning - I see that someone else in the N1 area had a bike stolen too so maybe there’s a gang around. 

There’s been a few bikes taken from round there recently :frowning: Fortunately, there’s also been a couple recovered recently.

There’s an off license on Parkhurst Road, called Wine Garden. See if you can get them to stick something in the window - a BMW that recently got nicked from Warlters road and my Triumph that went from the same place were both recovered by their mentioning it to customers and one of them noticing an abandoned bike in their estate.