Isle of Man TT

Is anyone riding in the TT at all this year? Or know anyone that is? I’m trying to write an article of someone prepping to go over there in June.

Preferably someone around Hammersmith?

Hi. Welcome to LB.

yes im going over. live near the ace.

Riding *in? * Quite a jump from the odd track day :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m riding in the evening shows on Douglas prom!!:D:D. But not quite what your after is it!!:D:P:D

Ha, I may live not too far from the Douglas Prom but it would be a little bit of a stretch :stuck_out_tongue:

What about Mad Sunday? Anyone riding in it?

It’s not mad anymore, to many restrictions :angry:

yep def not riding in, but riding over!! Wouldn’t want to get those two mixed up!

Ah well, if anyone comes across anyone riding in any part of it, let me know.
Would ride in it myself if i could

have i missed the fun?

for fork sake

You’ve come along way from the pikies taking the p1ss out of us outside your Ma’s place :D:cool:

Yeah tell me about it!! Screaming up and down the road:D mint! The old vids are still on YouTube! Unfortunately it’s work shows and not stunting but still pissing about on bikes and wheelieing up and down!:smiley: