Is this where I say hello?

Hello mty name is pipsqueak! Been riding only a little bit and I have a CB500. I’m a girlie and it’s good to see other girlies here too - I’m sure I’m going to have a ball though!

Looking forward to meeting you all - I’m south of the river now where do I get the drinks in?

Hello and welcome!

I’ve moved this post to Newbie’s - this way more people get to say hello! I’m South West of the river so see you around soon!

Ooh er! Its a girrrrlie. Hello new girlie.

Hello Pipsqueak and welcome to LB.

Remember to post up a recent topless pic of you and your bike in the pics section (I dont know why the mods insisted on this silly rule for new female members, but who am I to question these things!)

naughty naughty TonUp! Ignore him Pip the rest of us do :wink:

Welcome to the site and have fun!


Welcome!! Us girls must surely be catching up in numbers to the boys now

Oopps! Sorry! :slight_smile:

G’day and welcome to LB pipsqueak

Hi and welcome to LBs , there’s a newbie meet at the Ace cafe, first Monday of the month, see you there .


Hiya Pipsqueak and welcome to LB. There’s a ride out from Box Hill this Sunday if you’re up for it.

Otherwise, hope to see you at one of the meets soon.


Hey pipsqueak, welcome to LB! Hope to meet you at our Brazen Head meet/Christmas Party!

Welcome pipsqueak, love the name!

Welcome to LB, run if you see the newbie stick around, and hope to see you at a meet. Sunday’s looking promising, so do join in if you can - weather’s supposed to be good. Don’t worry that you’ll be out of place, you won’t be so just come along if you can make it. Quite a few girlies on the list so stick yourself down to be yet another.

Welcome aboard - See you at the Newbie meet

ello pip

Hi & welcome, how u doin

Hi and welcome the site

Newbie stick…?

Oh! I can’t make this - Hopefully they’ll be another one soon!

hello pipsqueak welcome to LB if you can make it why not get yourself down to the ace cafe for the newbie meet on the 4th december

Ey oop squeak, welcome to the site

Only when you are logged in, it is…

Oups, I forgot U still have my bike in your workshop… I am sorry… I did not mean anything by it… DO NOT CUT THE BREAK LINE… Please???


PS: Charlie, send me a payment request…