Is This A Scam??

So riding to work today, I’m at the traffic lights at that huge cross roads in front of One Hyde Park (I’m coming from the direction of Harrods), lights turn green we all move off then me and the other bikers have to brake as a young lad decides to bolt it across the road over the box junction (gawking at the traffic the whole time) from the One Hyde Park building all the way to the other side of the road to where Karen Millen is.

Ok, just another idiot I think. I carry on, lots of traffic as usual so gotten stuck amongst it, I head up the slip road towards Hyde Park Corner and turn left at that nice bend in front of the Continental hotel…same said idiot bolts across the road there too, from the left all the way to the island and right after the bend! Gawking at traffic again.

Now not sure if this is a coincidence but it seemed like this guy was deliberately running across the busiest and most dangerous areas of the roads in hopes of possibly getting hit?

one of your secret admirers
you be on youtube again lol

That would be a very risky scam, you could understand something similar in a car but getting run over on purpose?

LOL nothing to worry about just the notorious mr Hyde on a very bad day :smiley:

Just sounds like either an idiot, a reckless youth or someone with a mental health problem. If it’s the latter I hope they seek help before it’s too late.

+1 Joby

Just sounds like the usual idiocy. Probably a tourist looking the wrong way for coming traffic.

Oh well I’ll chalk it up to natural selection


Thanks - Will watch out for this muppet as I pass there every day.

Around what time did you witness this?

Around 9:30 although I haven’t encountered this since, at the time it just seemed a bit odd, but as others have said, it was prolly just some idiot