Is there such a thing as a thief-proof top box?

A week ago or so thieves nicked my top box with my helmet locked inside it. I had made the mistake of leaving it in the street instead of parking it in the secure work car park (as I work nights), and came out to find that they had removed the box from its plate.

I had bought it on eBay and it was one of those that detaches from its plate - silly ol’ me… but I don’t know if they are all like this and whether its worth my while getting another.

I would like another one as they are handy for carrying the shopping in, etc. Does anyone know if there are some that are more thief-proof than others, or recommend any in particular?


How did they remove it?

Mine feels pretty securely attached (givi monokey I think it is) but it’s only plastic so someone determined could no doubt smash it up and rip it off if they really wanted.

Maybe if you leave it unlocked & empty at night they’d see there was nothing worth nicking and leave it (assuming you can stash the helmet somewhere at work)

Unless it’s metal and bolted to the bike I wouldn’t want to leave valuable stuff in a top box for too long, even then it have to be a really good reason to leave something in one.
I’m pretty sure most plastic ones would pop open with the right tool without much effort.

yep. a cordless drill or hammer and screwdriver will rip those locks. I’d taker the box inside with me :slight_smile:

At the end of a recent trip, my Suzuki topbox (looks like rebranded givi…) lock barrel fell out when I put the key in. The nut that held it into place had come off on the inside, so it was stuck locked.

It took me less than 30 seconds with a flat screwdriver to pop the box open (just slipped it up between the cover and the lever that holds it closed), and once it was open, it was trivial to then press the lever to remove it from the plate.

They’re not even close to secure.