Is there a requirement for a classic bike section?

Anyone? :slight_smile: (given that I dont think I have permission to set up a poll, or am too stupid to work it out…)

Next to the add topic button, says add poll ;):stuck_out_tongue:

Shall I say it or will you ? :w00t:

I didn’t think you were that blonde Gabs:P;)

As a subscriber to Classic Motorcycle Mechanics I’d be up for it.:wink:

Why do you ask, do you have something old then?;):smiley:

Meh - Im drugged up to the eyeballs and have flu so will resolve my stupidity :wink:

Im getting involved in some classic stuff - see how it goes - but I thought it might be a useful addition. Mate of mine owns a Sunbeam and I like the Manx GP too - nothing wrong with the oldies :wink:

Grim’s dad has a Manx Norton that he still races at Goodwood.Love the old stuff myself;):Dedit: BTW… GWS babe xx

Please see here: