Is there a pancake day tomorrow at ace??!!

ok, last time i’ve been to ace cafe i took a leaflet that stated “8th March Pancake day”.it’s not advertised on their website though…i’m sure it’s true ( better be :smiley: ) and i’m going to pop into ace cafe tomorrow after work.

So…:Whistling: who’s with me?? i hope Jaime will be there…:slight_smile:

I really love pancakes and crepes too…mm…mmmm…my favourite crepe is banana and nutella…just tastes so awesome!!!

bet your bum cheeks I’ll be there if the pancakes are in! YUM YUM BUBBLEGUM, STICK MY FINGER UP MY… :w00t:;):smiley:

where do I come up with this $hit! hahahaha:P

thanks honey :slight_smile: if no one turned up i was considering on bringing a book and reading it in there, well guess i won’t have to do that now,anyways WHO ELSE IS GOING??!!!* this is not Jaime & me exclusive date, we want people to join us ;)*

oooh groupie :smiley: Niiiiice:cool:

Was at the Ace tonight and tomorrow have an old pal’s birthday dinner - so not about, but enjoy the pancakes - lets hope they aren’t as expensive as the portions of chips;)

I bet i could make better pancakes :wink:

It’s the Herts meet tonight, if anyone else is going

dlchatel (08/03/2011)

It’s the Herts meet tonight, if anyone else is going[/quote]i don’t want to be rude but if you want to see how many people are attending herts meet up then why don’t you have a decency and start your own thread?

I will :slight_smile: too bad you can’t make it would’ve been nice to have your company :slight_smile:

Anna (08/03/2011)

PMSLi wish i could join but i have my doggy to take care of on weekdays.

well i ended up going there by myself taking a book along with me. ace had old car night today. menu was on the board consisted of i think 6 choices, i went for traditional english…i.e sugar lemon and erm…butter? got myself a tea too. erm…pancake that i got was a bit small…and i ended up squeezing lemon into my tea with milk, silly me which curdled the milk…i the highlight of this eve was when waitress took my tea and looked down and had a puzzled look :smiley: :smiley: brilliant!!

ace is nice place, but i was a bit misguided about “pancake day”…anyways it’s all good i know good place that will serve wide variety of huge pancake everyday :slight_smile: