Is there a man among us....

Please god let me come back as a bat :w00t:

oh lord yes :smiley:

19 years old and a 34FF bra!!

Why only after 5 hours did she realise? Hmmm…

Lol, I read this in the paper this morning, she said she thought the moevment in her bra was her phone vibrating, must be where she keeps her phone!! :stuck_out_tongue: Surely you would notice a bat nesting in your bra!!

must have been a good night out …:hehe:

If your in London try and pick up a copy of the metro, they had a pic of her in there :slight_smile:

Hopefully one of when the bat is being removed! :w00t:

No, just a really cheesy pic of her in her bra with a fake plastic bat on her boobs!!

Damn, that ruins any thoughts going through my head. Why cant these journalists/potographers be more true, and pay attention to detail! lol :smiley:

The pictures are all over the web:

5 hours with a furry animal in her underwear and thought it was a mobile phone. Makes you wonder…

safe-ish for work

It’s the comments that are cracking me up :stuck_out_tongue:

ah but she’s not bad! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I’m sure that her cup size needs to be reassessed - and I’m the man for the job! Well, I can stick that thought in the ****-bank anyway lol.

Who said breastfeeding is out of fashion!!:wink: