Is the site really slow.......

Or is it just for me?

me too… i’m thinking come on… COME ON!!

Thank gawd for that!

I thought my laptop was on a go-slow:)

Same here :smiley:

Although saying that it’s quiker now… :crazy:

edit no it’s not :doze:

I think its just some of the Members ;):D:)

Nope…same here…its on the down low…and really slow !!!

Nothing out of the ordinary showing up, but I’ve given it a prod anyhow and things seem better.

Nice one Jay

Whatever you prodded has worked this end:D

Still slow :ermm: Been like it all day :wink:

Mines a bit like George Michael… It comes and goes:w00t:

Seems OK at the moment:cool:

Why weren’t you lot out on your bikes today instead of playing with tinternet? Weirdos! The weather was glorious.

Nah, terrrible opening the reply box and adding the posts :doze:Other sites seem fine, hopefully it will sort soon :wink:

I could be your connection to the hosts where our site is hosted Graham as there’s nothing abnormal showing up in anything like network availability or server performance as far as I can see, and it’s fast here. Hrm. All I can do is keep an eye on things…

Have to go to work sometimes :wink:

It was the ads which were slow for me this morning, the main site was OK.

Back up to speed at home now :slight_smile: Will check work again in the morning :wink:

I too am finding it slow very slow, not having problems on other sites.:hehe:

Also keep getting logged out when i change page or forum, and when i log in, the log out ability does not show. When i try to post, it takes me to the news page and I don’t get the red tick confirmation on PM’s :wink:

Painful, would rather get another tattoo :smiley:

Tried the control F5 thing, no change, done full clean up, no change !

Keep having to log back in to log out, strange indeed.

What browser are you using, and on what operating system, Ghost?

I would suggest deleting your cookies for this site. You can do this via the Options windows in your browser.

Hi Jay,

I am using Firefox on Windows XP, have deleted cookies and history, no change, site is a little quicker this morning, but still removes the log out ability, after log in. :slight_smile:

Sent a pm today as well, but no confirmation is shown, I am getting to post today, and i notice it shows a red tick to confirm. So that’s working ! :smiley: