Is the BMM on tonite?

As above, is The BMM on tonight? Might pop by for a quick coffee if anyone is buying. Sneaky officially dont got a p1ss-to-pot-in. The Riot is broke, my car is broke, the wifes car is play’in up. The Ducati needs stripping down and all the new bits in boxes on the garage floor need thowing at it and the wheels on my rollerbaldes will need replacing soon!:crying: Apart from that, things in the McC vehicle department are looking peachy!:smiley:

sell them all and get a superduke:D

and yesh, bm is on tonite;)

wot time the kick off?

eeeeeeeeeeerm from 6 dude:D

I’ll be there from 8

I will be there with tickets for The Sausage Sizzle BBQ

Yes I know its another shameless plug:D

Time is running out!!! Get them while they’re HOT!!!:smiley:

Only comin if there is food to be had :crazy:

get yo ass down there! im hoping to be there, really not 100% yet got **** to do! but i wil try!!:smiley:

oh ok then… SV650i on its way…at about 6, lol :w00t::hehe:

anyone know where i can buy them ickle blue lights?! :slight_smile:

hehe i try make it down!

ermm i want some of the so if you get them!?

awwwww we could have a His n Hers! :hehe:

dammit, then we’d have to start a new club: the blue light brigade :w00t:

no wait, that’s darrylj, broady,…

I will be there after i try and find the Bayliss/Puma thing at carnaby street, but knowing what my knowledge of london is like i could be some time:D

see you all later about 6.30ish!!! with the

Now your talking! :slight_smile:

I’ll probably be riding around boxhill tonight (far too good weather to stand around looking at bikes ;)). I may pop down on the way back though.

i shall be showing my face from 7pm… no bike yet… using my ability to walk in a straight line!!! woohooo :smiley:

yay rana!!!..:D.

i’ll be there…be rude not too really…;).


i might be there,

it d be rude not stifle smiled attempts with the ladies wouldnt it…:wink:


not seen you since bowling!! be good to catch up :slight_smile:

What blue lights If LED’s I have loads

correction just checked at work and they have been tea leafed but I will get hole of more if needed