Is London Bikers in another time zone?

Check the time of new posts:unsure:

its been like that for ageeeeeeeeeeeeees donno why lool:hehe:

Click on Control PanelForum Settings and then set it to GMT-1


Thanks Chunky. Will it have to be changed when the clocks get shifted.

I’m not sure mate as Jay has only recently switched to Le French server thingamyjigs.:wink:

Just been there done that and you can enable daylight saving. Thanks :slight_smile:

Obviously not properly. Grrrr will try again

What ya want for free…does it matter in the grand scheme of things ? :D:D

There’s a clock on this site!!! why was i not told of this :smiley:

if this works it is now 23;03

by george it works

testing testing 20:58


little things that make us happy :smiley: