Is Kraftwerk tools any good ? we all know that Kraftwerk … well now there is a new Kraftwerk… . Is the stuff any good ? Do I want it ? Will I like it ? Will it withstand daily use in a heavy plant enviroment ? Is there a reason I have never heard or seen their tools before ? Does anyone here have any off it ?

Yes not bad… not the best electro band out there but pretty good. Been solid for decades…

OH wait, you were talking tools… sorry no idea :smiley:

NumNum’s not heard of them so they must be shite:satisfied:

Wouldnt be chancing it.KRAFTWERK Shanghai Representative Office, CN – 200072 Shanghai (KWS)
is an extension of KRAFTWERK in Asia and is responsible for the sourcing, development and quality control of KRAFTWERK tools.

Says it all…

iz they good?..


Off the shopping list then . Back to the old favorites .

Ja, zey are very reliable for ze Autobahn