Is it wrong to perv?

Dear Aunty Gina,

I was wondering if it’s wrong to perv at boys in nice leathers?

Especially the chap I saw this morning on the Hammersmith roundabout on a beautiful looking Aprillia (03 plate) with VERY nice fitting Furygan leathers

I’ll answer that one for ya, Lustie - OF COURSE IT’S NOT WRONG, THAT’S WHY THEY LOOK LIKE THAT!

A girl’s gotta have something comfortable to rest her eyes on, doesn’t she?

And while I’m stuck in that traffic jam with a wheel at each corner and one in front of me, looking at a pert little bottom as it whizzes past me is the only treat for the journey.

(Mmmm… pert little bottoms in leather… oooOOOooo!!!)

I think it’s disgusting and I feel violated the way I’m inspected like some piece of meat…

It’s kinda cool…

I think it is terrible - you never see me looking at men in leathers & admiring their ‘hoof’

So that’s why me missus don’t want me to buy leathers

Reminds me of the video with the model that had the painted on leathers.

Why…? Are you offering to entertain the ladies on here babe?

If I had leathers I’d feel violated. We’ve worked so hard to overcome these stereotypes of getting wolf whistled at by women in the street.

It’s so degrading. But secretly awesome and a huge boost.

<3 Leather.

Its not wrong.

In fact its right!!

I think men in leathers are reali hot.


Mmmmmmm, sexi tight leathers. It makes me just wanna grab their bum!!!

Sounds like I should get me some leathers, where can I get them in Shrek size?


haha im with u on this el diablo!!

well i should be getting my self a set of alpine star leathers for my birthday by myself…cus im sad…

I’ve given up hope on a set. I must admit defeat.


Can I go with you when you get some?

Just to perv

So… One question:

Whilst wearing your leathers or on your bikes, do you fellas mind being perved at by the fairer sex?

Does this mean its fair game for perving on the other sex for anyone?

Got to say, the girls are going to look better in leather than the boys…

I dont care, perv away. Touch the goods and you’ll have princess Shrek after your blood.

Hahaha, I was merely asking for window shopping purposes only

And yes Wil, I suppose it does.

Alpine Stars do big mens sizes. I know a 6’?? big big big bloke who got a set and that wasn’t even the biggest size. If you just can’t get off the peg to fit, will fit them to you for a very decent price.

You go Sherrie, hopefully we’ll have them all wearing one pieces soon

Hoof-ahoy! (Where’s Blade when you need her?)