Is it the weather?

Is it the weather or have none of the arseholes speeding on bikes in central London ever been nicked?
I did a speed awareness course. Almost none of it went in, APART from the bit where they show you… if you hit someone at 40, they’ll probably die. Hit them at 30, they’ll probably live. Then that advert came along.

Long and short. Cunts drive at 40 in town. Hope they get run over. Rant over.

Isn’t London mostly 20 mph zones now?

yes it is!

problem is and has been for a while there is just not enough real police on the roads to police it anymore. I’m disappointed that seeing people jump red lights, over take on residential streets, drive wrong way on one ways are common place for me now and just accept it happens. Even if they do get caught they will likely end up with a pitiful sentence anyway.

No deterrent to get caught and when they do no deterrent there either…

Large parts of the centre aren’t (bizarrely), Westminster and Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea are reluctant to give up 30 mph and many TfL controlled roads, such as Marylebone Road, remain 30 even if the councils it passes through are 20.

I think it would make compliance - and thus the safety of vulnerable road users such as motorcyclists - better if there was one simple limit.

A large number of drivers and riders in london will do pretty much anything that they think they can get away with and without any real police presence, they can get away with a lot.