Is it me?

I know that at this time of year the number of vehicles drops due to everyone being holiday, but the number of bikes doesn’t normally go down as much as as it does for other vehicles as the FWBs come out to play. But since the begining of August the numebr of bikes has dropped to lower levels than I have seen on the road in my four and half years of commuting.

This morning, leaving at 8 Jackie and I saw only three other bikes between home (near Sutton) and Clapham South. When we got to Stockwell, instead of the usual ten or so bikes waiting at the lights, there were three, including us. At Oval, there were five instead of about a dozen. This was typical of what I saw all the way to work. On the whole 12 mile jouirney to work, ending just after 8.30 I saw four bikes which were not scooters.

Nearly every day for the last fortnight the number of bikes have been very low and I have also noticed that the bike bays arround Covent Garden, instead of being rammed full of bikes, are currently about half empty.

Has Westminster’s parking policy stopped people riding to work? It can’t just be the weather as it has not been raining on my commutes and even on wet days there are usually more bikes than this.

I noticed it was quiet in that regard as well - I just put it down to the weather and people being on holiday - enjoying all that sun:w00t:

maybe someone can tell us whether the tubes are fuller than usual…
i.e ppl abandoning bike for public transport… :ermm:

Think everyone has buggered off to warmer countries thanks to the great british summer we’ve been having!!

On my commute from the SE there are more bikes though… Perhaps people in the West can afford a holiday?

Lol I saw LOTS of bikes this morning on my way in from the A1…as soon as I hit London there was a whole swarm of us :wink:

well I had to take the train today as have work drinks tonight and my carriage was not full with empty seats every where …this is very unusual so i would guess loads of people are on holiday

Wish the bakerloo line was the same when I got on this morning at baker street, the word sardine comes to mind!!!

I usually see quite a few bikes and scooters on my commute from SE London to Teddington, but yesterday and today there were hardly any.

And yes, the Tube’s been packed of late. Thank heavens for my SV! :wink:

It’s not just bikes, the roads seem eerily quiet at the moment, last friday I went to the Ace and didn’t have to filter at all!

School holidays I would guess…

People with kids who also have bikes are going to be on holiday now, plus traffic is lighter so bikes move though it faster, hence less bikes at each set of lights, less bikes in the bike bays… happy days. Just wait until September:w00t:

Its pretty dead Battersea to Westminster in particular the bays - since the beginning of August the bays have been practically empty all around st james’s - its great for a change - im hoping that it was a case of people just leaving thier bikes parked at work previously which will mean alot more space for other bikers :slight_smile:

It’s the same every year, as soon as the schools break up in July my commute time nearly halves. It does seem even quieter than usual. The bike bays have definitely been quieter but IMO this has less to do with forthcoming parking charges and more to do with every other person being on holiday. We will see, as Kickstart says, in September when (traditionally) the hoards return.

It does seem different to previous years though with far less than normal bike traffic compared with what I have seen before.

yea i’ve noticed a drop to. although i was really confused when i saw another anniversary SV1000 coming at me through wimbledon this morning!:cool: imagine that only 500 imported and 2 of them were playing on the same turf:D


Weird. I was thinking the opposite yesterday when I took the cage to work there were loads and loads of bikes. Just where I joined the A1 from the M25 about 3 bikes at once went past while I was on the sliproad. I saw loads, and it wasn’t because I was stuck in traffic either. To be honest the commute in the car at the moment is quicker than the scooter once you factor in putting on gear, taking cover off bike, unlocking bike, taking gear off etc. Still twice as expensive to run though…Today on my scoot I saw a couple of bikes, not so many though.

Quite the contrary on the A41 today by Swiss Cottage. Usually it’s just me and 1 or 2 others, usually scooters waiting at the lights infront of ye olde swiss cottage pub . But there were maybe 13 this morning! Haven’t seen quite as many in my 6 months of taking that route!

Surely it must be down to the unpredictable weather we’ve been having this year :w00t: alot of fair weather bikers out there :smiley:

No fun riding in the rain though.

i for one have NO qualms about getting the car out when it’s persisting down.

Heated seats and LOUD music go a long way to making up for sitting in the wet and cold dodging visible diesel spills and lorry spray.