Is it legal to ride a bike with inssurance from another EU country?

Hello :slight_smile: the basic question is like in the title:

Is it legal to ride a bike enrolled in traffic in England (registered here tax and mot paid) with a European Union insurance (with a Romanian insurance- witch is a valid EU insurance)?

If not what’s the cheapest TPO or TPF insurance on the market?

Just bought the bike it has it all except insurance.

thank you

Not sure of the legals, but not really a good thing in my opinion, is a romanian insurance really going to pay out if you (not saying you will, this is hypothetical) hit a kid and paralyse them?

Get UK insurance, but it is difficult as there is not one ‘cheapest’ place, it all varies massively with many variables depending on you and your bike.

Give these guys a call, they are friendly and offer good quotes for my circumstances:

OneBike UK:

02380 206805

I usually deal with a Paul Ashburn, but anyone can help.

No it is not legal. It will result in the vehicle being seized and prosecution.

I’m not a lawyer, but I’d expect that: if you have valid Romanian insurance covering that specific bike on UK roads, then you’re probably covered.However, I’ve never heard of a policy issued in one country and valid all year round in another country. In the UK, policies tend to cover you for driving on the continent, but only for a limited time (say 30 days at a time, and maybe with a maximum of say 90 days in a year).

But I assume it must work differently on the continent. There are lots of people who will live in one country and work in another, and go shopping in maybe another, and then take weekend breaks in maybe another. If I lived in the Alsace, would my insurance be permanently valid in both France and Germany? I don’t know, but I assume that some mainland european insurers must be offering a permanent multi-country policy.What does it say in your policy? It must say which bike it covers and in which country and for how long (Read the whole thing, including the small print)

I have know of continental policies that are valid wherever you are in Europe for however long you go as long as you are domiciled in the place where you bought it.

wheal as far as i know the insurance emitted in Romania is valid for it’s hole period (max 1 year min 1 month) in the European union… The thing is that I can’t afford to get prosecuted so i need to be sure … This question is covering me in mist even more since I’ve talked to the guy who sold the bike to me and he said that the police stopped and gave him a fine of 80 pounds for driving a car (with English number plates ) with a France insurance (he is form France)

the insurance from my home country will cover any traffic accidents that I’m responsible for(It’s just like England’s TPO)

as far as know the bike has to regestered in the same country as the insurance .ie british bike british insurance

Why would a Romanian Insurance Company take on a liability in the UK? You’re skating on thin ice here… The police only need to have a reasonable belief that you’re uninsured to sieze the bike.

Personally I’d have it off you in a flash, good luck :w00t:

Oh and you should expect to get a ticket for £200 plus 6 penalty points for driving whilst uninsured and contrary to what many people believe you can get points even if you have a foreign license. Those lovely people at the DVLA will create a driver number for you so that your points have somewhere to live. :wink:

some legal stuff, hope it will help:

*You can insure your car with any insurance company licensed to issue such policies in any Member State of the European Union. This entitlement applies both to compulsory insurance policies in the field of civil liability and to optional insurance policies covering supplementary risks (such as theft, fire, etc.).

If you wish to take out an insurance policy for compulsory civil liability with an insurance company licensed and established in another Member State, the company is entitled to sell you such a policy only if it satisfies the following conditions:

  • The insurance supervisory authority of the Member State where the vehicle is registered has been notified by the supervisory authority of the company’s home Member State that the company intends to underwrite motor insurance risks in that Member State;
  • it must be a member of the national motor vehicle insurers’ bureau and the guarantee fund of the Member State in which your vehicle is registered;
  • if it does not have an establishment in the Member State in which your vehicle is registered, the company must have designated a representative authorised to settle claims in that Member State. *

so basically if you want to insure UK registered bike in Romania - romanian Insurer must be MIB (Motor Insurers’ Bureau) member. Personally doubt it but you can check at