Is it legal to drive a car without a door?

Just got threatened with arrest by a jobsworth copper if I continued to drive (to a garage) with my door missing…

Had a few words but didn’t fancy chancing it / calling his bluff.

Any definitive knowledge. Car was 100% driveable/safe other than missing door.

Based on this case study, it would seem you may be found guilty. Even if he took it to the max…

Without any certainty I would say that if the doors are meant to be on there as a safety measure, then probably you do need then on there. Curious to hear an expert though

There is no specific law about driving a vehicle without doors otherwise there would be issues with driving vehicles such as Beach Buggies, some Land Rovers (the old ones) and even tractors on the road. Then you have cars such as the Ariel Atom, Caterhams, Morgans and the like which don’t have doors.

But what you might come up against is the old hot potatoe of a copper being subjective and in his/her opinion quoting “Driving a vehicle in a dangerous condition” which covers safety issues to the occupants of the vehicle as well as individuals who may be affected.

If the door is actually missing and the occupants are belted in properly, I personally don’t see a problem.

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Yep, seat belt fully functioning. I even quoted Morgan cars to him, but without success. Started going on about if I was on my bike I’d wear leathers. Offered to wear a helmet but he wasn’t having it…

Huh… Sounds like you got a jobs worth as last I checked there was no law for leathers…

And for good measure, he saw fit to inform my insurance company I’d been involved in a crash and that my car was undriveable.

Wow what a douche. That’s petty, underhand and unnecessary.

I may have missed somethimg so my apologies but… Had you been involved in a crash that said copper dealt with?

If no, then what is to say that the door was removed as a result of being in a crash.

Traffic cop or beat cop?

Was involved in a crash an hour earlier. Copper was just sitting in his car when I drove past.

He asked me what happened so I explained. Beat cop I think. Shitty car defo not up for chasing anyone.

Convo went something like:

(After copper had taken my details and checked my insurance etc. he asked why I had no door and explained earlier prang)

Copper: I am giving you words of advice not to drive.
Me: Fine, I’ll ignore them and drive then if it’s legal
Copper (Grabs keys from car - not hard when the door isn’t on - and threatens to arrest me)

After I agreed to get car recovered - he wouldn’t even let me drive it home (1/2 mile in 30mph zone) and said any attempt to drive off would result in blah blah blah.

Then I get an email from my insurer informing me the police had informed them I was in a crash…

You been banger racing again Nick?

since this is has just happened, and insurance has not closed your case.

is there any chance you might be at fault for leaving your vehicle unsafely in the middle of the road?
from the other party insurance. even when full liability admitted on the spot, most of the times they change their mind after they had a word with their insurance.

Have an email from their insurer confirming they are accepting full liability Alba. So should be ok.

You can take the boy out of Lagos, but… :smile:

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Take the other door off and say it’s a feature for warm weather driving :wink:

Standard feature out there mate. Doors are for posh gits. :slight_smile:

Well at least you didn’t try to bribe him so that’s something.

What offence did he threaten you with?

The only one available would have been dangerous condition but then he has to prove the danger.

Thought about making a complaint against him? Probably nothing will happen but it could make life awkward and uncomfortable for him for a while.

Give him a taste of his own medicine so to speak :wink:

Exactly that TC.

Thought about a complaint, but have calmed down now :slight_smile: Being a jobsworth knob isn’t a crime, and as you know, I’ve come across far far worse in the police.

Bit like the advice i gave to the angry v logger, sometimes it’s best to shrug yer shoulders and move on.