Is it just me ?

In fear of boring my Husband to death with my tails of riding woe, there’s something I need to vent !

Why do male drivers in London (white van man mostly) feel the need to stare at me whilst at the lights, it’s really uncomfortable, especially as there are other riders in front of me. I also had some tw*t at the lights, go, bbbrrruuummm … at me and laugh hysterically

Are they just deranged, or am I missing the joke ? Am I the only female this happens to ?



Answer these few questions and we may be able to figure this out:

  1. Are you fully clothed when sat at the lights? (You’d be surprise how many people, men AND women, don’t answer yes this question)

  2. Do you have a REALLY ugly/beautiful face?

  3. Is your bike an MV Augusta F4 1000 (Phwoar, I’d stare at that baby!)

  4. Are you blessed with exceptionally large bra filling, and hence leather filling chest accessories?

  5. Are your leathers one size too tight?

  6. Is your hair do, THE next big thing?

  7. DO youhave a message on your jacket that says, “Watch this space?”

Answer honestly, and we’ll take it from there.


  1. YES (safety first)

  2. My Husband and family think I’m beautiful (but they’re biased)

  3. No

  4. My Husband has small hands

  5. Nope

  6. Give me a break

  7. na

Does the GF wear her ankle bracelet over her bike boots/jeans/leathers/textiles then ???

Enjoy it while it lasts. One day, you’ll be old and craggy and hubby will be the only one giving you admiring glances… probably as you enter the room to empty his bed-pan

Right, so white van men are staring at you whilst you’re sat at traffic lights on a motorbike and you’re wondering why this is right?
Its very simple. You’re female.

For this amazing bit of conultancy work, my invoice is winging its way to you right now.

I also get it, usually guys in work vans. I think some guys are genuinly bemused to see us girlies on motorbikes, especially if it’s a big bike.

Hi Grid Girl,

I get a few smiles and a few hellos sometimes

and also some laughs…but then everyone takes the piss out of my bike…so i just take it as it comes

At least you’ll be left alone by Harley riders

Strange…now I come to think about it, I get stared at by the White van men too…

Probably cos I’ve got “White Van Men Can’t Read” on the back of my jacket…
Something’s tickled their subconcious brain, suggesting htey should be mad about something, but they’re usually still trying to work it out by the time the lights change.

Actually. Is it too late to take all this back cos so far today I’ve insulted foreign people, people who can’t read or write, White Van Drivers, Black Cab drivers, Moped riders and probably everyone else’s sensibilities…

Its probably cos I’m such an insulting nob that people don’t look out for me, not cos of any real reasons.

Hmmm…must try harder Stokes. 2/10 for manners,

I’ve had a few idiots making daft comments, but I guess between “buxom” hips and my hair in a plait, they can tell I’m a girl. I wear a full face helmet with a foggy mask so ya defo can’t tell what I actually look like.

I’ve had a few sharp words with morons saying things like “that bike looks too big for a girl to ride”… response: “good job I was only planning to push it home, then”.

Ya just have to go with it. Mebbe they feel threatened It’s quite sweet, really.

keti said: “good job I was only planning to push it home, then”.

That line is just great. It’s on par with the line about why women cannot reverse park cars.

BTW: keti, thanks for the link to this forum, they are an interesting bunch, if not a little pickey about my post’s spelling.

Exactly what I was thinking…

Gear up!

I wasn’t aware I couldn’t reverse park a car, but I’ll take your word for it

And you’re welcome for the link - I hadn’t realised you had registered!

Hi keti, yes I registered, and taken a battering already in my first posting about needing new leathers.

If you are buying your girlfriend some gear then bite the bullet and get down to a proper shop and not buy off Ebay, there are plenty around, might be more money than you anticipated spending BUT she can try them on and make sure they fit her properly…, its worth it in the end

True, if she’s gonna be an occasional pillion, do you need to spend on leathers. You could get textiles for her.

Textiles defo warmer if you intend to keep riding during the winter, i prefer to be warm and dry and happy and look like the michelin man…but if you are just after image then an least make sure whatever it is fits properly

just kidding

(this one’s for you JZ)


I’m in love…

Such a sweet Duke