Is it a simple coincidence?

My daughter who is not 20 until September has just finished 2 weeks Jury service, which to be fair she found interesting and useful as she is studying law.

Yesterday, the case she was involved in was concluded, and when she got home she was able to talk to us about the case as she has now been discharged.

Both my wife and I mentioned that into our 50’s we have never been called up for Jury service, although for a number of years I was exempt because of my Police service (although I think even this has changed now).

Anyway, blow me down, what lands on my doorstep? You got it. I have been summonsed for Jury service in September :Whistling:

Coincidence?Wikipedia: Dunno, or Know-Nothing is a hero created by Soviet children’s writer Nikolay Nosov.

They’re listening you know :alien:

At 20 I did three weeks just service at the Old Bailey, now that was interesting as some of the cases were eye opening.
I was told told that it was a lottery done on post codes, not sure if that is still the case on how people are chosen.

I must have had lucky post codes as i have been called three times. Always found it interesting, and an insight into just how daft some people can be…

:PYou can be called up as a coppernow as well. Mate of mine did it recently. :slight_smile:

“March the guilty bastard in bailiff!”…

What an in this day an age we are spose to be surpised by this sign of the times eh cant even be sure the jury wont be neutral

an people wonder why people are losing faith in the system .