Is it a bike, is it a car?

well i think it is a car or else Jeremy wouldnt have allowed it on Top Gear! :w00t:

Buy the price tag is excessive … Looks like fun though :w00t:

Lookd great fun but a little expensive. Be a great toy though.

C’mon, three wheels - its a trike, with a cover :smiley:

It has a steering wheel so it’s a car :wink: great toy tho :smiley:

I want one so bad!:smiley:

These have been around for a few years haven’t they? Because I saw two of them, racing each other, on the A3 a few years back amazing things. Or am I wrong and there is something else similar?

Saw one coming off the M3 jct4 couple of weeks back and daughter took a pic. first is a bit blurred but got it leaning