Is a (slightly) bent can repairable?

Hi everyone,

Last summer an old lady hit me on the back whilst I was waiting at a roundabout. Nothing major and her insurance sent me a cheque for the damage. The can I have is a Scorpion (the bike is a Yammy Thundercat). It’s slightly bent upwards at the stem level and the can itself is a bit flattened on the top (where the round metal holder is). In other words it was lifted up about an inch.

Is this repairable at all or do I need to change the whole can? If yes can someone recommend anyone in London (Zone 1 and 2 ideally) that can repair this?


Got any pic’s :wink:

I know someone who can help but outside zone 1/2 (good for a rideout) :smiley:

Thanks for the help, I’ve posted the pics below.

Powerpuffgirl, I’m sending you an IM.