is 41k miles on a 2010 yamaha xj6 diversion too high of a mileage??

looking at potentially buying the above mentioned bike and it looks clean from the autotrader ad 

got a scorpion can and comes with a spy 5000 alarm and top box 

its got tinted windscreen and the asking price is 1900, MOT expiring august 2017

contacted the guy to know more and he said he would take 1700 as he is in debt and needs money urgently 

he also saidthe bike has done 28k miles under his ownership 

just wanted to know if there is anything i need to be wary of 

i know that these go for much more than 1900 but with considerably low mileage 

my worry is what can go wrong on a bike that has done such a mileages and not been taken care of properly 

am worried about the big bills like valve clearance and the rest 

If they go for £1900 and he only wants £1700 due to debts I’d HPI check it to make sure it’s not got finance on it…

If it has and he doesn’t pay the finance off with the money you give him then the finance company can take it back

yes i would check it for sure to know if he got it with finance

without a service history, I’d walk away from that

1.9 k seems alright but I’d definatly HPI check it and look for some service history. I’d also see if it has a power commander and has been properly re mapped for that exhaust as not doing may cause damage to the engine (I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong). Unfortunately to me it sounds like it may have been run on a budget so I would keep looking for something else. Things are normally cheap for a reason…

Why? It’s a six year old bike that’s done just under 10k a year. No stamps? £1700? Sounds like a reasonable cheap commuter to me, provided the HPI comes back and you give it a careful look over. If you’re that worried, ask him if he’d take it to your mechanic of choice for a check over at your expense.

hi guys 

i HPI checked it and surprise surprise… its got outstanding finance: hire purchase and straight emailed the guy asking him if it is on finance still no answer 

can anyone plz help explain what are the implications of buying a such a bike on hire purchase and the possibility of the seller not paying off the rest of the loan 

If the balance on the finance is what your paying (1700) then only purchase if they’ll let you contact the finance company in front of them and then pay the finance company directly over the phone/or online

From my experience on a naked bike, around that mileage things do start to become annoying, I found the abuse of the daily commute had started increasing what I had to do to mine to keep it in good (ish) nick. Nothing necessarily critical,  that mileage is on the high scale - although they can last double that easily. Price seems to reflect that, if it hadn’t been for the finance issue. I would walk away, especially as it sounds like he wasn’t upfront with it. It means that no matter what you give this guy, someone else owns the bike until they are paid.

Yes you can get him to pay in front of you but for me that’s too much hassle and too much risk. There’s other fish in the sea and bikes in garages that want selling

can anyone plz help explain what are the implications of buying a such a bike on hire purchase and the possibility of the seller not paying off the rest of the loan 

If he's bought it on hire-purchase then he's taken out a loan secured against the bike, and if he defaults on paying the loan then the company he's borrowed from can take the bike in payment; it's not his to sell until he's paid it off in full.

That said, 40K on a modern and unstressed engine shouldn’t be a problem in the slightest, and if it’s been serviced well and isn’t tatty then I’d say it’s probably a cheap way to get a modern bike. How many miles are you planning on putting on it? Go much above average and you’ll likely find it has very little resale value when you come to replace it, which might or might not matter to you.

i would probably just call it and look for something else 

turns out that on top of the finance issue the guy’s been servicing it himself. so for sure it was hit and miss work. 

tnx a lot people for the help and the informative comments 

Good move. Take yer money elsewhere to someone more honest

I service all my own vehicles and there’s nothing ‘hit and miss’ about that and many on here will take offence at that comment. I did but then again I’m sensitive ;-) 

What’s hit and miss here is

  1. Outstanding HP meaning the finance company owns the bike and in practice you’ll be buying the loan not the bike, ownership of the bike passes on completion of the loan regardless of the name appearing in the V5.

  2. No service history, even though I service my own vehicles I keep a record of every nut and bolt turned. You mention valve clearances, if you bought a used vehicle from me you’d know when the last valve clearance was done, date and mileage, as well as what the actual clearances were and what adjustments if any were made.

  3. The fact that the seller admits financial difficulties could suggest that vehicle servicing has been skimped or even missed.

  4. The age old dilemma of private sales vs dealer sales. Private sales are all ‘sold as seen’ dealer sales come with dealer reputation, warranty and consumer rights.

The best advice on this one is to walk away, have a look around at a few dealers there should be some ‘out of season’ bargains around especially if you have a wedge of hard earned and can haggle.

To be fair the XJ6 is so easy to service it’s a crime to pay dealer prices. It is an ideal bike to start you off on self servicing everything readily accessible,

Yeah, I do my own minor servicing on my xj6, although it’ll being going to a professional for the next one (valve clearances etc). I also don’t think 41k is such a high mileage - my 2010 XJ6 isn’t far off that and I bought it late in the year and barely put any miles on it for the first few years when I lived in London

Not sure about everything being readily accessible for servicing - you have to remove the entire front fairing to replace the aux light bulb and the Haynes manual seems to want me to take the exhaust headers off to change the coolant. I don’t have much experience, maybe that’s not unusual.

alternatively, a well serviced CBF500 with high mileage for £1850

Well, i have bought Hornet 2008 with ~53000 miles on it. with quite some service history, LeoVince exhaust, power commander III. Paid 2 grand for it. It goes for ~£3k for given year, so i would say it was a bargain. done service by myself straight away, as the owner told a month when it was done, not the mileage. Have been riding for almost a year, done about 4000 miles. Had to do fork seals (maybe it was my f**k up, cos i did some potholes :frowning: and seals were done quite recently when i bought it.) didn’t have a problem apart that. (knock the wood) Also, what i think, if the engine fails, i’m just going to replace with a new one (£500 correct me if i’m wrong). So i think it’s a bairgain still.

The workshop manual is readily available in the interweb. I had the xj6n which was a doodle to do all regular maintenance including throttle syncing. If l recall the coolant is a hose off and one screw on the expansion tub.

If l were you l would look for evidence that the valves were checked and make sure they know that’s why you have taken it in for major service as it won’t surprised me if a lot of dealers just listen for tickling and report back it was fine.

Honda=reliability :wink::wink::wink: