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Following in a grand old Irish tradition I have upped sticks and moved to London, and having grown tired of spending excessive amounts of money to stand with my face in another man’s armpit every day I have taken the plunge and am learning to ride. I have recently passed my CBT and am in the process of buying a CBF125 and assorted safety and security gear – so all advice welcome! Currently living in busy part of East London, so words of wisdom about security in areas frequented by people several sheets to the wind would be particularly appreciated…

Looking forward to spending more time on LondonBikers!


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good tip keep the bike in your bedroom.:smiley:

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Welcome to LB - hmmm - best bike security is having a garage - or a mate with a garage - or an almax chain - or a fierce, terrifying guard dog chained to the bike (but not a pit bull) - or get a bike that no one wants to nick;)

Enjoy the forum - it is a bit like being in Broadmoor on here :slight_smile:

welcome along, we have a few of your mob here :slight_smile:

southern or northern ?

I’m a bit of a mix of north and south, but primarily of the southern variety…

I’m afraid being up several flights of stairs sleeping with the bike in the bed isn’t really an option – and as I am also without garage or ferocious dog looks like it’s going to be Almax III! Probably with an Oxford Boss Alarm 16mm, as recommended by the extremely helpful gent at Almax, actually. Anyone had any experiences with that lock, good or bad?

And if this is Broadmoor you’re all frightfully good mannered!

Thanks for the welcome all!


Also, is this little newbie thread the right place to start asking questions about kit? Or should I join an existing thread/start a new one? Thanks in advance for the etiquette tips!

Like a lamb to the slaughter…

Welcome and good luck. :smiley:

Welcome to us! We hope you enjoy the show:D

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Watch the fuel pump on your CBF :wink:

Again, thanks for the welcomes!

And may I ask, what’s wrong with the CBF fuel pump??

2010 and 2011 models have a manufacturing fault on them - causing the bike to kangaroo hop in stop/start traffic and very warm weather. Honda aren’t too impressed with their supplier at the moment. They’ll replace it under warranty.

See also here:

Hope this helps.

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