Ireland Ho!!!!

Heading of to the green isle next week for 6 days of riding, Ring of Kerry included. Full RAC cover purchased, good accommodation booked (near pubs) and going with my brother. He will be riding is '86 Radian 600 which is in surprisingly good nick.

I’ve fettled the CBF500, stripped down the rear calliper and cleaned the piston, re-greased the seals. Will replace the pads tomorrow and all sorted. Front brakes bled through and checked. Spare pads packed although not needed for at least 5K.

Tyres are in good nick. Loads of tread and will be properly inflated this PM. Checked again on the Saturday when I ride up to Scunthorpe.

Packed my tyre repair kit, with 30 strips (just in case the leprechauns go mad) and GPS is loaded with all destinations. Packed spare visor as well and will have 3 pairs of gloves (two waterproof and one summer gloves).

Have just done 188 miles on this tank and it is just on reserve, so I am sure I can get over 200 miles/tank with ease. Really looking forward to the much needed break.

Will probably stick a couple of photo’s in here once I’ve done the trip. Will be wet, but so what. Wear the right gear and stop regularly for a rest/dry down and all will be fine.l

have a great time dude

I’ll look forward to see what you do, I’m looking to get out there at some point. Have a good one!

Jealous me :smiley:

Forgot to mention I’ve fitted a power socket as well so I can charge GPS and phone or Contour HD as I please. Also have a small laptop to transfer vid’s and photo’s.

Make sure you also do the ring of bearra…and dingle too. take your wet gear. enjoy.

if you find this place …Let me know where it is as I have forgotten its location… Plus cut that effing telegraph pole down …

its somewhere on this route

Did that over 5 days from Colchester ( 3 and a half days in Ireland)

Have to be honest, when I saw “Ho” in the title, I expected something else…:Whistling:

Let me know how the CBF500 behaves! I have the same bike but I haven’t done any long distance trips! Looking to take it down to Spain before the winter comes.

Have fun!

Let me know how the CBF500 behaves! I have the same bike but I haven’t done any long distance trips! Looking to take it down to Spain before the winter comes.

Have fun!

I’ve chopped the telegraph pole down for you Tim :slight_smile:

A friend of ours, of Irish origin, spent 20+ years as a bike courier in London, and said he wouldn’t take a biking tour round Ireland due to the mad drivers. Not sure if this is true as we’ve not tried it.

Hope you find it isn’t true and have a brilliant time :slight_smile:

oh its true …

A: you can tell when you cross the border from S - N as the driving and surrounding scenes change dramtically for the worse

In the South it used to be that when overtaking ,oncoming traffic gave way to you and moved over into a hardshoulder area that borders most main roads … or a small strip no wider than a cycleway on the smaller a roads… But then they changed that so that the overtaking vehicle shouldn’t be overtaking onto oncoming traffic …BUT you still get the ones who haven’t remembered this and you wonder WTF is that car doing coming towards me moments

But then you do get the flip side and have others giving way to you even before you’ve committed to your overtake …

Speed limits are to be obeyed I would warn …

Up the north bit it returns to standard UK based driving practice and you notice it from the calm sedate pace of the south

May see you, I am on the Wednesday boat to Dublin, heading to NW200 road race, it’s a great week. Hoping for good weather.