IP address lookup....

We have had a few emails recently and have been trying to find out a location for the sender…They use Gmail and we just get a American provider though the sender is in Europe…Is there any way for us to get a geographical location of the sender ?

Here you go,


www.whois.net as as starter.

MrMan (10/04/2009)

Here you go,http://www.ipaddresslocation.org/[/quote] Tried that but it says USA rather than Europe. Been told that all Gmail messages show as having come from the States…

Do a trace route this will show what server the mail came from although mails are nye-on impossible to trace unless you admin that server.


if they are sending via the web browser then you’ll only be able to see the servers IP - if they send from a email client such as Apple’s Mail, MS Entourage or MS Outlook you should be able to view the IP their ISP has given them for that connection in the raw source/long headers - just tested this and it shows my static IP address.