Are suportsports, superbikes and superstocks allowed to use traction control?(oem or after market)

depends on the class I think. certainly not for the superbike and senior races. 

“Only a BSB spec Motec ECU or standard/kit ECU available from or listed by the manufacturer maybe used. The addition of a power commander type fuelling and ignition module only device type may be used with the standard or kit ECU. • No additional traction control type devices maybe added.”

all the rules are here:

Yeah, That’s the only thing I have found while I was researching online. It says standard ECU is allowed. But isn’t TC incorporated to say s1000rr standard ECU? or is it separate device/control box. 

Read Guy Martins lates book there was mention of the traction control and how he used it so I’m guessing it is aloud.