IOM TT Questions

Looks like I wont be able to make it this year but hopefully next year I will if all goes to plan. Just need a few questions answered as it will be my first timeWhat are the best dates to go there? Obviously a ride around the circuit is a must, when can you do it?
I’d fancy camping but wheres the best area?
With the circuit roads shut is it still easy to get around the island say if you fancy watching from a different spot or arrive sometime after the races start?
And around what time should you start booking ferrys and tickets??


When the TT races are on. See…

When they are not practicing or racing.
See the link above for dates. Basically 1 week of practices followed by 1 week racing.
And it takes place every other day. So days when it does not take
place is when you get to ride the circuit.

A camp site.

Short answer… no.

Long answer. You cannot cross the circuit after the roads are closed.
This is usually 9 or 10 am. There will be an official timesheet published
when it starts. Saying that weather can often delay starts. Also get a
map, the circuit is clearly marked and you can work out routes around
some parts, e.g. Ramsey to Douglas or Douglas to Peel that do not
cross the circuit.

After the races finish, i.e. June/July 2009 if you want to go this year.
Although you may be lucky and get cancellations Feb/March. Have to
keep trying the Steam Racket Company site/phone no.

Oh there are no tickets to watch the TT, once you are on the island
you are there. You can pre-book tickets for the grandstand in Douglas
but not much else, although I did manage to get White Snake and
Steve Gibbons tickets early in 2009 :slight_smile:

Thanks!! Exactly the answers I was after

BRING ON 2011!!!

the circuit is normal roads when not racing , but they are **** loads of speed cameras and lots and lots of 30mph areas … you can still have fun but just slower thats all …check the maps there are a few places you can move around during the races inside the loop , ie: sulby crossroads ( fastest place on the lap ) and you can get across to hailwoods up on the mountain , top fo bargarrow is also get-at-able a very quick part too … if you want tickets don’t give on thsi year yet , just check the web as it gets nearer , the last 3 times i have been i booked the boat the day before i went :smiley: …always loads of cancellationseven the cops are friendly too :smiley: