IOM TT - Gone Wrong!

Ouch! No details available, anyone know more?



That really doesn’t look good

Gone HORRIBLY wrong…good lord, that just hurts to LOOK at. I hope that guy survived.

I don’t think the posts are made of plastic :expressionless:

Nor do I…that has every look of a fatality about it, unfortunately. I’d be really curious to know who that is, when it took place and what the outcome was.

On second thought…I don’t think I want to know the outcome. I can’t envision any that end well.

Looks like michael charnock, only thing i could find is something saying he hurt his leg at Glen Helen, not sure if that was this crash or another.

that haas got to have hurt!!! those railings looked like they were metal!

Right rider Gsxr rocker, good find. Hope he’s okay… I guess with so much length of course, it’s nearly impossible to change things to be safer.

It looks like an old crash.

Don’t like that picture … makes me come all over all funny !

I think its that one.
And Mick actually talks about it.

Damn that looked bad, glad to know he came out ok considering.


Defintely Ballaugh Bridge (I sat on those bails in the background when we were there). And those rails are definitely not plastic!

I am hoping it’s one of those photoshop set ups rather than real!

Amazing picture Jay!

I`ve seen lots of pics of racing crashes but that is one of the worst. His Guardian Angel was with him that day.

I`m relieved he survived.

Thanks to TSM and Vaskunito for letting us know the outcome.