IOM 2010 TT

Who going and when ?

I’m out 2nd - 9th June

im totally interested in going, so if anyone has plans let me know. I SOULD have accomadation sorted!:smiley:

Grimbusa and Tug were out there last time i went in '07, are you def going ?

i would love to come with you you book a hotel or camp out?

do i need a passport?

i dont think you need a passport to go to IOM, but have to book ferry ticket as early as poss.

i d love to go, but still not sure where i will be.

and whats the accommodation plan? camp out?

yeah im 100% interested and intentional. I work for myself so the time off is no problem. All i need to do is sort tickets and accomadation.

You need to book the ferry on the steampacket website now really, then ring around thr b&b or tent it, you can also register for “homestay” with the locals on a website somewhere. I’ve got friends who bought milky quails house 2yrs ago. So I get a free stay. If you want to go, get it booked before Jan or you won’t get out there.

Cool, i got somewhere to stay as my best mates parents live there and i can either stay there or worst case tent it in there garden.

I will sort the ferry out asap. Will keep you posted.

I’m tempted by this. How long do people usually go over for?

I was hoping to get out there. I have family and friends there so shouldn’t have too much issue finding somewhere to stay

looks like i got this sorted, going over on the 5th at like 5am and coming back on the 10th/11th.

What dates you heading over?

In anyone else is intrested the ferrys are nearly full on all days!!! you cannot get ferrys from the 1st to the 4th or the 11th to the 14th

So get it sorted asap. Think we are going to do 5 days at the tt and then 8 days touring round peak district and the scotland after. SO if anyone fancies meeting up at any stage you are welcome.

I’ve been booked in for a while. Going on the 4th back on the 12th I think. Be my first year going. we’re staying in one of the rugby club tent fields. it’s all set up before you get there, have access to showers and you’re own BBQ. sounded like a good idea, we’ll have to see though

Cool, should be enough of us for a decent ride out round the circuit.
Will re-post nearer the time exchanging numbers for texting (mobile phone calls are charged at international rates)

just a couple of weeks to go now.

So who’s a definate ? will PM you my number for a meet up at the dunlop memorial for an LB photo !?!

I’m a definate, consider my number PM’d :smiley:

not long now!

Sadly missed this year, def want to go next year, my mates dont want to go, so if anyone is thinking of going in 2011 give me a shout.

To the guys going this year, how long ago did you book? Bikers at work are telling me i’d be lucky to get in for next year… :frowning:

i am there from the 7th – 10th with work, not sure where our shows are, not sure where were staying either! its holiday cottages somewhere!! but i’m taking my road legal stunter aswell so i will be out and about in the evenings:w00t:

I’m out from the 4th, staying at quarterbridge.

Booked just after last years TT. it’s the ferry crossing that needs to get booked about a year in advance, although some crossings may be available after that time, the available departures would be limited.

I leave tomorrow for the I.O.M. it’s work for me also we’re filming the TT in 3D :w00t: