introducing the new westfazer....

Well as some of you know i bought another mk1 fzs fazer 98 model, she is the best fazer out of the whole range in my opinion. I bought her a month ago, she arrived very tatty cosmetically, but ran sweet as a nut!:).Since then she has had a refit, new front panel and complete respray and heres the finished result.:w00t:before…


Looks nice mate…Lurve that paint that changes colour :D:)

It looks really lovely Westie, whoever did that spray job did it beautifully :wink:

oh yes, fab paint job…:w00t::wink:

Wheres the LB stickers?:wink:

Looking good Westie:cool:

Frank looks fab - Frank the rat - recently deceased bless his soul - would be very proud of his namesake :smiley:

yes he would be proud, dont worry chunky will be putting some stickers on soon!:slight_smile:

Very nice Matt!! You and your Fazers!! lol :smiley:

I hope Santa Claus is bringing you a nice big padlock and chain…for the bike, of course!:stuck_out_tongue:

I hope that aint a nail in your back tyre mate:crazy:

(see bottom picture)

Looks luvverly :cool:

No brush marks either :w00t:

Top looking bike mate, have you given the bike a name yet.

sure is purdy looking…now get out n get it dirty. :smiley:

looks good m8, job well done.

Nice job Westie, nice early Christmas present my friend!

yes very pleased with it!!:smiley:

nice ride you got there m8 have fun on it :wink:

thanks kev.

That paint job looks the biz, whoever done it must be the nuts, only wish i’d taken my bits to him aswell :wink:

oh yes, the sprayer is fab, that paint finish is quality!:wink: