Introducing myself

So I’ve lurked on here for a while, but finally got out to the Borough Market meet tonight. I’m John, and for those who met me, I was the ginger one with the burgundy Bandit. I live in Harrow, so a bit of a trek for me to SE1, but was good fun.

Welcome mate, was nice to meet you, I am the one with the beard

Good to meet you tonight John.

Howdy, good to see you at BM - will get you further south next time :smiley:

hi john, I was the one without the bike

Hi John, I was the one who was at home washing the dog (not a euphemism).
I’ll be there next week.

hoggy always says that, its getting suspicious.

hello Von, welcome.

Hi John it was good to meet you on wednesday, if you’re interested monday 1st june is LB noobie night at the Ace Cafe, a little nearer to home. We will be there around 6pm.

I’ll see what I can do. I’m at work that day but off the next. If I make it, won’t be til at least 8.30

Hey John, welcome to LB :wink:

Lol Mian… You’re always without a bike :wink:

Welcome John. Summer months are great meets in BM - come along for some more when you get chance :slight_smile: