Into Tattoos?

While browsing various subjects in the forums, i sometimes look at other members profiles if i think there funny or interesting, to put a face to the comments they have left, so to speak. Quite often there interests include “Tattoos” but when looking at there picture there seems to be not a hint of a tattoo. Now maybe they have tattoos but are on parts of the body that are not exposed. But if your into something ie music, you dont have just one cd/record, or bikeing where you may only have one bike but you will also have lots gear or, you work on them, go to race meets, shows etc. So are these people really into “Tattoos” or are they just saying this because traditionally bikes and tatoos kinda went hand in hand and so think that by saying they are into “Tattoos” they may be more readlly accepted by there peers (dont think thats the correct spelling) or am i being to cynical? Please feel free to rant at me if you wish and call me harsh names!:discuss:

maybe this will answer your question !!

Yes saw yours in members tattoos, Nice! And your obviously into tattoos

I prefer using transfers myself, less painful and you don’t need lazer surgery when you fancy a change :D:D:D

Good answer!

I reckon you can be into tattoos without actually having one… surely an interest in them is enough.

Is an interest in something the same as being INTO something?

yeah it can be.
there’s degrees of everything I reckon.
im into 6ft blond birds straight off the pages of nuts and zoo doesn’t mean I can get or have to have one

Very Very True!

As you have probably noticed from my other post’s, I’m quite heavily tattooed. However, I believe that it is possible to be into tattoo’s, just as it is easy to be into art, without actually having any.
I like art, but I don’t actually own any! Just as I was into bikes from an early age, but didn’t get my first bike until I was 30 years old.
I think it’s more about appreciation than ownership. :wink:

RR :cool:

Aw mate good point but what about the spelling mistake, surely the word is heavy ,and then a comma , then tattooed ;):P:D

Cheer’s slim! LOL :stuck_out_tongue: